7’x10’x30′ Underground Fallout Shelter

This is our 7′ tall x 10′ wide x 30′ long underground fallout shelter


Blast door entrance — Full enclosed bathroom — Enclosed bedroom with 2 beds — Kitchen — Blast valves with appropriate vent pipes — Chemical and biological filtering system — corrosion anodes to prevent rust — lift cylinders for the door where it opens and closes easily — (2) pin quick sliding latch for door, (4) 2,500 pound door latches, (1) door jack rated at 8 tons to lift door in case debris is blown on top of shelter — shelter primed, painted, and carpeted — inlets for electricity, water, phone, and tv cable — 100 amp breaker box inside for electricity, junction boxes, plug-in boxes, and light switch boxes installed.

We will completely install the shelter for you.

We will furnish an excavator — all equipment including crane (if needed) — (5) yards of concrete under the shelter to keep water pressure from moving the shelter —corrosion anode to prevent shelter from rusting — supplies, labor, ect. — all included in the price below.


Total cost of this shelter, built and installed for you —– $74,950.00