8’x10’x40′ Underground Fallout Shelter

This is our 8′ tall x 10′ wide x 40′ long underground fallout shelter


-16′ walkway with storm shelter door entrance, door jack, lift cylinders, 3 pin quick slide lock, (4) 2500 pound latches, regular steps with handrails, and walkway has a blast door & vault door leading into the main shelter.
-Full enclosed bathroom with Commode, shower, sink, hot water heater, sewage pumping unit, and inlets for water and sewage outlet
-Enclosed bedroom with 4 fold-up beds with mattresses
-Past the bedroom will be a vault with shelves for storage
-Kitchen with refrigerator, cabinets (top & bottom), stove, sink, ect.
-Blast valves with appropriate vent pipes
-Chemical and biological filtering system
-Corrosion anodes to prevent rust
-Shelter primed, painted, and carpeted
-Inlets for electricity, water, phone, and tv cable
-100 amp breaker box inside for electricity, junction boxes, plug-in boxes, and light switch boxes installed.

We will completely install the shelter for you.

We will furnish an excavator — all equipment including crane (if needed) — (5) yards of concrete under the shelter to keep water pressure from moving the shelter —corrosion anode to prevent shelter from rusting — supplies, labor, ect. — all included in the price below.


Total cost of this shelter, built and installed for you —– $126,960.00
Total cost of this shelter without the bathroom, bedroom, ect. —– $87,700.00

We can make this shelter 8′ x 12′ x 40′ — Delivered and installed — $139,750.00

Two of our 8′ x 10′ x 40′ shelters, installed side-by-side for a total of 1,200 sq. ft. — Delivered and installed — $241,500.00

Your only other expense is the delivery — We charge $2.50 per mile from Baskin, La. 71219 to your location.


Design any size shelter or number of shelters put together to make any size shelter you need with any options, and send me your idea’s….we would be glad to give a quote.