Extreme Fallout Shelter

This extreme fallout shelter is an underground shelter that measures 50′ long, 12′ wide, and 8′ tall.

It has a walkway with stairs and handrails that lead into the shelter. There is a blast door at the base of the stairs followed by a vault door. The the 18 foot entryway has a generator room and an airlock, all with very secure vault doors. There are removable steel panels in the airlock for further expansion of shelter.

The body of the shelter has two bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area, living room, two bedrooms, storage area, and closet for the chemical and biological filtration system (large enough for 50 people).

This shelter can be made smaller or larger to fit any needs or wants that you may have. We can add bedrooms, more storage, gun safes, beds, …the possibilities are literally endless.