We can insulate the inside of your shelter. We can put paneling up in your shelter. To insulate and panel: $150 per ft. – A 6′ long shelter would be $900.




We can put paneling up in your shelter. To insulate and panel: $150 per ft. – A 6′ long shelter would be $900; a 20′ long shelter would be $3,000.





Vault Doors

This Vault Door entrance has 3 dead bolt locks all keyed alike as well as the 3 pin quick slide latch locking system.

$1,545 without Frame ~ $1,870 with Frame



Escape Hatch

We can add an escape hatch or trap door. This is standing inside the shelter looking up at the escape hatch. This door base can stick up 6″ to 24″ above the top of your shelter.





In shelters 10′ wide, we can add a bench down the middle where two people can sit back to back. We put one stationary bench down one side of the shelter and fold up benches down the other side, in case you need to push a wheel chair inside.

$1,695 in shelter up to 20′ Long ~ $2,300 up to 30′ Long





32″ Shower installed inside a shelter. Has to have the sewage system for it to work.

Hot Water Heater

Small Hot Water Heater being installed inside a closet next to a bathroom inside a shelter. Shelving will be above the water tank. We have enclosed it where once the shelves are added, children can’t get to close to it.

Commode, Sink,…

Commode, Sink, and Sewage System…everything to finish out a bathroom.


Shower, water heater, commode, and sink with this sewage system requires electrical power from your electric company, battery banks, solar power or generator to make it work properly. Price includes all of the above hooked up with enclosures for water heater and bathroom.







Add a kitchen with stove, refrigerator, cabinets, and a sink.
~ With 6′ long island added will be $10,250.

Underground Long Door Base

Here we are offering a 2′ tall, 30″ wide, and 70″ Long door base for underground shelters with tornado proof door on top going into the storm shelter. It has a 3 pin quick slide locking system once you are inside. It has (2) 2000lb latches also. It has (4) hinges on back. It will have an 8″ air vent capped where you can get air but debris can’t come into the shelter. The vent has an insect screen to keep bugs out. The door has (2) gas operated lift cylinders to help lift the door. It also has safety chains and a jack mounted inside that is rated for 8 tons in case debris is blown on top of the shelter.


Alternative Storm Shelter Door / Blast Door

The above pictures are of a storm shelter door, 32″ x 34″ made with 1/4″ thick steel. This door base is 30″ tall. It has hinges, lift cylinders, safety chains, a mounted door jack rated at 8 tons, latches, e.t.c. for a total price of $2,905.00. All our doors are primed with a marine epoxy primer.

We also offer an above ground blast door that mounts on top of an underground shelter. The door entrance is approximately 32″ x 34″ with a 1″ thick door and lies almost flat with the ground. The door base from the door down to your shelter is about 30″ tall. This puts the top of your shelter about 30″ below ground. Inside the door base, it has lift cylinders to help pick the door up. It has safety chains, and a jack rated at 8 tons to pick the door up in excess of 20″ in case debris is blown on top of the door.

With 30″ Tall Door Base $3,355 ~ With 4′ Tall Door Base $3,990 ~ With 5′-8′ Tall Door Base $5,300


Door Jack

Door jack rated for 8 tons installed under door entrance in case debris is blown on top of door. Installed.


Emergency Escape Hatch

Emergency escape hatch bolted on plate on ceiling that hinges into the shelter with a trap above that filled with sand. Installed.


Generator Housing

This is a 7′ tall, 8′ wide, and 14′ long above ground generator house. This generator house has all the vents, exhaust fans, ect. for a generator up to 100 KW.

Price does not include installation or generator.





This 14kW generator is installed inside an above ground storm proof generator house with all the appropriate inlets and exhaust. We furnish the generator and generator house, large enough for the 14kW generator (smaller version of the housing to the left) and we will do the installation. This unit will have the transfer switch so that the generator will start up as soon as your power from your electrical company goes off. We can’t wire the generator to the shelter because we are not licensed.

– 14 kW liquid propane
– 13 kW natural gas
– Generac OHVI® 992cc industrial engine for long-run, long-life operation
– Hands free operation: no fueling, no manual starting, no extension cords
– True Power™ technology for safe operation of sensitive electronics
– Powerful output for greater starting power
– Whisper-Test™ ultra-quiet self-test feature
– Steel enclosure with Rhino Coat™ paint finish for durability
– External main circuit breaker
– System status LED
– Digital control panel
– Automatic NEMA 1 transfer switch
– 30-ft., 5-ft. and 2-ft. prewired conduits
– Flexible fuel line connector
– Outdoor connection box
– Composite mounting pad
– UL listed
– 48in.L x 24in.W x 28 1/4in.H


Bunk Beds

These are our fold-up bunk beds. This picture shows 4 beds with mattresses on the right and one fold-up bed on the left without a mattress.

$150 per bed frame / $340 per frame with mattress


Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closet with wooden door.





This is an enclosed bedroom. We can enclose your bedroom or bathroom with wall and door.





Windows with shudders for above ground storm shelters.

$220.00 each




Vault built in corner of a shelter.


Walk Thru Blast Door

Walk thru blast door. It has 1″ thick steel outside with 4″ x 3″ x 3/8″ tubing behind that. On the inner shell, it has 3/8″ thick steel plate. It has 4 very heavy gauge hinges.



Complete NBC Filtration Package

Blast Protected
Complete NBC Filtration Package.
Everything you need to install an NBC filtration system in your shelter.
Purifies the air for up to 12 People.

Everything shown is included with this package:

– One ASR-100-AV-NBC Safe Cell with Bypass Port and Battery Backup capability that has a pre-filter set, a nuclear grade HEPA, a war gas carbon absorber, a wall mount bracket, air intake hose, and a hose wall flange
– One emergency backup Hand Pump
– Two 50-PSI automatic double acting Blast Valves
– One Overpressure Relief Valve- either ceiling or wall mount
– This system requires an air tight room to work properly

$4,840.00 delivered to your home or business



Chemical & Biological Filtering System

This is a Chemical and Biological filtering system. It runs on electrical current or it has a hand crank in case you loose electricity. Comes in 3 different sizes.
1- The smallest unit is large enough to purify the air for up to 12 People. This unit is $7,020 delivered to your nearest international airport.
2- The next size is for up to 25 people. This unit is $7,500 delivered to your nearest international airport.
3- The largest size is for up to 50 people. This unit is $7,990 delivered to your nearest international airport.

We can also furnish the 2 pipes that are required for this system to work. 1 is the intake and the other is the exhaust. You will need these for your blast valves to make your ventilation system work correctly.$530



Air Conditioner

This is the Air Conditioner that we offer with our shelters.




Gun Safe

We offer a fire resistant, 16-20 gun, gun safe installed in any shelter that you purchase from us.




Door Jack

Door jack rated at 8 tons to lift the door in case a car or debris is blown on top of the door entrance.




Under Step Vault Door

This is an option that we can add to any underground shelter we build.

Enclose under steps with vault door – $1,800
Enclose complete steps with vault door entrance – $2,200



Underground Generator Housing

This is an underground generator house for you to install your home generator inside.

$4,500 and you have it installed
$5,800 and we will install it



Portable Building Look

This is an above ground storm shelter with insulation and tin, (metal) siding, to make the shelter look like a portable building.

$150 per running foot to add this option