Types of Shelters

Garage Safe Rooms, Concrete In-Grounds Shelters, Builder Models, Commercial Storm Shelters and In-Floor Garage Shelters.

Texas Storm Shelter is a proud installer and member of the American Tornado Shelter Association and the BBB. We participate in all local county rebate programs including N.C.T.C.O.G. , additionally, we work with the Choctaw Nation Voucher Program.  

Since Texas has unpredictable weather patterns, prepare for the worst and invest in a shelter. Texas alone logs an average of 132 tornadoes each year. Furthermore, Dallas (DFW) sits directly in Tornado Alley. Texas Storm Shelter products are affordable and built to shield against the most violent EF-5 tornado storms.

*My turnaround time is 3 days to 1 week on average. 

An in-home consultation may be necessary to discuss your shelter size and location.   Texas Storm Shelter is here to provide information, help and support. 


In-Ground Concrete Storm Shelters


Flat Top Steel Storm Shelters

Concrete Above Ground Shelters