Flat Top Steel Storm Shelters

EF-5 Tornado Certified Shelters

Residential Flat Top Steel Storm Shelters, NO Heavy Haul Concrete Trucks:

  • Led Battery Power Light System
  • Custom Seating and Storage
  • Secure Locking System
  • Can be installed in most residential homes back yard

Our shelters are designed and constructed with your protection in mind. They are reinforced with steel rebar, and they are poured with a minimum of 3,000 psi concrete slab around the top.

underground storm shelter

This shelter is a favorite among many of our clients. It’s for those people who say, “If that tornado wants me, it’ll have pull me out of the ground!”

underground storm shelter

There are some definite good points about this shelter. It takes up a smaller foot print in the yard than its’ cousin, the flat top concrete storm shelter. This also make it easier to fit into tight places.

underground storm shelter

Aimed initially at new construction projects, the Flat Top Storm Shelter is the latest addition to the line of available storm shelters that should prove to be a popular option for homebuilders and homeowners alike.